Data Recovery

servletData Recovery is one of our Premier Services and a major function of Micronet Computers. There’s never a time when a computer user can claim that they don’t fear losing their data to virus or malware activity, faulty hard drives, motherboards and poor computer maintenance.

Here are the facts, hard drives, have gotten cheaper and larger over the years and their reliability factor keeps getting lower, so if you’re not backing up your data in a few places, you’re bound to lose those precious photos, documents and spreadsheets you worked so hard to keep.

If you have had a data loss, Micronet Computers has the ability and the resources to recover data from most hard drives and even flash drives and SSD’s.

If data storage is an issue we can provide a solution, we have Cloud Storage, Network Attached Storage units, and external hard drives available for every situation, prepare now so that when a data disaster strikes your downtime and data loss are minimized.

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