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buildingServicing your needs is what Micronet Computers is all about, not some new technology or wonderful new software, or even the argument that PCs are better than MACs. Honestly none of that stuff really matters if your computer isn’t working in the first place. Micronet Computers specializes in computer repair for both laptop & desktop computers. We’re known for our ability to rid your computers of viruses and malicious software (malware) without data loss. We have data recovery services, website design, and a great deal of fun serving the public, and did I mention that we’re pretty fast?

If your desire is to have your pictures recovered from your computer’s hard drive before it crashes and those pictures are the most important thing to you, then they’re the most important things to us too. Micronet Computers, your computer guardian, is the place to go to for all of your home and small office computing needs. No problem is too big. Call us or come by. We can even remote your computer for repair.

Micronet Computers is Your “Computer Guardian.” The Central Valley’s Leader in Virus Removal & Data Recovery with Quick Reliable Service, Ready to Serve your MAC and PC Needs!


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